Sunday, February 23, 2014


You might have time to wade through a 500-page book on child-rearing before your first child is born, but once the baby arrives, you’ll be lucky if you find time to eat and sleep, never mind read. So where can an overwhelmed new parent go for advice? Natasha Raja’s Parenting M.D! No searching through page after page trying to find the information you need. Raja combines well-researched childcare advice with the latest technology to give parents a reliable and convenient way to get answers about what to expect during their baby’s first year. One just needs to click on the desired topic and go straight to the information. Raja’s sensible advice soothes new parents’ anxieties and gives up-to-date, practical answers to things like feeding, sleeping positions, tooth care, immunizations, and much more. This is the perfect guide for today’s parents and would be a welcome gift at any baby shower.

Raja has a great blog as well, with many more tips for keeping your kids healthy and safe.