Monday, April 28, 2014

Vermont passes GMO labeling law . . . but will it stick?

I was so encouraged to hear that Vermont passed the GMO labelling bill which will requrie labelling of generically engineered products. But it is being attacked from all sides so who knows if it will stick?

I think this quote really puts things in perspective.

" . . . there are also existing labeling requirements that don't just involve health, safety and nutrition, Mr. Faber maintained. "Listing whether orange juice is made from concentrate is not a health question," he said. "It is to protect consumers from deception."

Labeling foods that contain GMOs is not about whether you are in favor of them or against them. It's not even about whether GMOs are safe or dangerous for consumption and the environment. It's about consumers having the right to know what is in the products they consume and what they feed to their families. IT'S OUR RIGHT TO KNOW! Here is more info on the issue.