Monday, February 20, 2006

The Real Food Daily Cookbook

I reviewed "The Real Food Daily Cookbook" by Ann Gentry for the March issue of VegFamily Magazine. I had marked the Salisbury Seitan recipe as one I wanted to try but it was such a busy month I just didn't get to it before I had to turn my review in. Well, I made it yesterday and it was incredible!!!

I started with the Basic Seitan recipe. The last time I made seitan was at the Macrobiotic Cooking School back before I had a family. All I remember was kneading and rinsing, kneading and rinsing. Since becoming a mom, that just seemed too time-consuming so I haven't attempted to make it in years. Gentry's recipe is nothing like that. It's as simple as mixing gluten flour, seasonings and baking. And the results - a golden loaf of seitan, enough for four meals.

To make the Salisbury Seitan, I sliced and marinated the seitan, then baked it. It was crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside - really nothing like the prepared seitan I have bought from the store. My husband is not a gravy fan so instead of Gentry's suggested sauce, I sauted ontions and mushrooms and poured them over the seitan. I served it with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables and the whole family raved.

This is really a great cookbook - to read more about it check out my review on It will be posted March 1, 2006.

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