Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Meat and dairy from CLONED animals coming soon

Every person who eats processed foods and non-organic meat and dairy is ingesting gentically modified foods whether they know it or not. Soon, another untested and shaky technolgy will be infiltrated into our food stream - meat and milk from cloned animals. The FDA's decision to allow the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals is another example of the agency’s yielding to industry pressure and disregarding consumer safety.

With only a handful of studies and long-term evidence, the safety of eating milk and meat from cloned animals is far from proven. Concerns about the lack of data on eating food from cloned animals led the National Academy of Sciences in 2004 to state that “the paucity of evidence in the literature on this topic makes it impossible to provide scientific evidence to support this position [that the food from cloned animals should be approved].” Aside from human health concerns, many people have ethical objections about cloning animals. The low survival rate and high number of deformities, as well as health problems like organ manfunction, digestive problems, and weakened immune systems in cloned animals raise animal cruetly concerns - not to mention the health of the meat and milk coming from this sick animals. Yet, as with GMOs, the FDA is not planning to require labeling of products from cloned animals.

If you are concerned about this like I am, you can take action by writing to the FDA. Here is a link where you can send an email:

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