Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Non-plastic water bottle review--REVISITED

Well, it's been about a year since I received and reviewed a selection of non-plastic water bottles from  Sigg, Klean Kanteen,  and Thermos. Now that we've been using them for a year, I have a lot more insight into what we like and don't like about them--what worked and what didn't. I also have a new nonplastic water bottle to tell you about. For those who didn't read my first review, you can refer to it here. You'll also find the Web sites and product information for each bottle.

Klean Kanteen
The two silver stainless steel bottles in the left of the photo are from Klean Kanteen. The tall bottle we usually use with the sports top lid. However, since all of their lids are interchangeable (a nice feature) it is pictured with the flat screw in lid. The smaller bottle has the toddler sippy cup lid. Okay so --- here's the deal. I really liked the small bottle because it's perfect to fit in my kids lunch boxes, however, it hasn't worked out so well. The problem is the covers. The screw top lid is too hard for my kids to get off and the wide mouth of the bottle makes spills inevitable, especially if used in the car. I started putting the sports top lid on the bottle which unlike other sports top bottles I've tried this cover has not leaked (YAY!) however, my daughter kept coming home upset because it squeaked when she drank from it. For someone who hates to stand out, making this noise in the cafeteria was mortifying to her. She actually likes the sippy cup lid (even though she's to old for it) but of course would never bring it to school that way. She keeps it next to her bed, however, for water during the night and it's easy to use and doesn't spill so works great. My husband has been very happy with the taller bottle with the sports top which he takes biking (the squeaking doesn't bother him!)

The tall purple bottle is from Sigg. It's aluminum and very light. It does however dent really easily though the manufacturer assures me that this does not affect anything. I don't really care for the Sigg bottles. They're too big to easily drink from or to fit in a cup holder or bag but my husband LOVES these. They are his favorite. He loves how light they are for hiking or carrying around and he loves how big they are because he likes to have a lot of water around whether hiking or on the road for work. I wasn't given any medium size bottles to test, maybe I would have liked them fine.

The bottle on the far right is from Thermos and this is my absolute favorite of the bottles. It holds just the right amount of water for a hike or the gym. The thermos insulation keeps my water cold even in the car all day and the pop top is so easy to use. My kids use the smaller thermos bottles (not pictured here but check out the link to see them). They are also easy to use and I love that their water stays cold all day at school (one of my daughter's backpack is right in the sun at school all day and she used to complain of warm water). The only thing I'm not so thrilled with is that the kids ones have a plastic straw to drink from. They like it and it works fine, but it needs to be replaced periodically. I much prefer the pop top and spout of my larger bottle.

New on the scene - - Sesen Glass Water Bottle
The bottle is glass and is dishwasher friendly. It fits in a car cup holder and also comes with a carrying bag (made of recycled water bottles). It even comes with an ice pack (filled with water) to keep your water cold in the bag. The stopper is very--and I mean very--tight. There is no way this thing is leaking. 

My experience: I love drinking out of glass and always feel that my water stays the freshest in glass so I really like this bottle. The bottle is really strong so unlike the bad luck I've had using recycled juice bottles, this bottle is much more durable. It's not for kids though and not for bike riding, but for the car and the gym where I mostly carry water, it works just fine. For more information and videos, check out the Sesen Web site.


Cathe Olson said...

I got an email from a rep from Klean Kanteen about the squeaky sports covers and thought I'd share the info in case anyone else was having this problem.

1)The slow flow and the noise made by the sports cap is due to the vacuum created in the bottle. When this cap is loosened slightly, the vacuum releases, the flow increases and the sound decreases! So in other words don’t over tighten the cap onto the kanteen.

2) Keep the air vent facing upward toward your nose, not down toward your chin.

Try those tips, and in most cases they will take care of the noise and air flow issues.

Buffy said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who sounds like a bird when she drinks out of her K.K.