Sunday, January 03, 2010

Indian Scientists Calling for a Moratorium on GM Foods

Noted Indian scientist P.M. Bhargava is calling for a moratorium of at least eight years on genetically modified (GM) food products in India. He says independent testing needs to be done before any GM product should be considered for approval. In fact, he totally blasted the report that was used to get GM foods approved in India in the first place, calling it "ludicrous" and saying it was "full of lies and absurdities." It will be interesting to see if India is able to stand up against Monsanto and ban GM products.

Check out this article in The Hindu for more information.


PDM said...

There is an interesting article here
on how researchers in Australia tried to devise, using genetic engineering a contraceptive virus for mice and instead created a version of mousepox that was incredibly lethal

Cathe Olson said...

Thanks. I'll check it out.