Tuesday, April 26, 2011

General Mills and BPA-lined Cans

I wrote General Mills the following email:

>Original Message From: cathe@simplynaturalbooks.com
I am writing because I am concerned about BPA in the canned food products that your company sells. I like the convenience of canned products but am concerned about the effects of BPA on my family. I am hesitant to continue buying these products as long as the can liners contain BPA. What is your company doing to phase out BPA in your can liners and what safer alternative are you using to replace BPA? I look forward to your response.

This is the response I received:

Dear Ms. Olson:
Thank you for contacting General Mills about bisphenol-A or BPA.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a critical component of protective coatings widely used in metal food packaging to help preserve food and maintain its nutritional value and quality. Most canned food and beverage products on the market today use BPA in the can lining or can lid.
Scientific and governmental bodies worldwide have examined the science and concluded that the weight of evidence continues to support the safety of BPA, including comprehensive risk assessments in Japan and in the European Union. While studies continue, food safety regulators are not recommending any specific changes or actions in can lining applications, including those using BPA.

General Mills uses can coatings that fully comply with all applicable global requirements for safe use in food contact materials. But we know that some consumer would like us to pursue alternatives – and we are working intensively with our can suppliers and manufacturers to develop and test linings that do not use BPA. While alternatives have not been identified for all types of foods, we did identify a safe, viable alternative for our tomato products under the Muir Glen brand. We began transitioning those to the alternative cans with the fall 2010 tomato harvest.

With other alternatives currently being tested, we are optimistic that new options will be identified in time. When viable alternative prove safe and effective for other products, we would expect can suppliers and the food industry – in response to consumer interest – to convert to alternative coatings.

Your views are important to us. Be assured that your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate persons here at General Mills. Again, thank you for contacting General Mills, and thank you for your support of our products.


Paula A. Vaughn
Consumer Care Specialist

So for those of you who use canned tomatoes, looks like Muir Glen brand is a good choice.

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