Monday, March 12, 2012

Organic food myths video

Today I watched this segment from "The Doctors" which supposedly is debunking three organic food myths. So go watch it and then come back . . . it really ticked me off.

Myth #1: You need to buy organic dairy to avoid bovine grown hormone. So the speaker says that some brands are free of rBGH and that they are a lot cheaper than organic so that is what she recommends.

Well, it is true that you can get non-organic rBGH free milk, like the Trader Joe's brand for example. But there is much more to organic than that. With nonorganic milk, you are still getting pesticides from the nonorganic feed fed to the cows, antibiotics, and the cows don't have to have access to pasture. If you consume dairy products, I think it's worth the extra money for a cleaner product and better treatment for the cows.

Myth #2: Whole-wheat pasta is healthier than organic pasta.

Huh? That's like comparing apples and oranges. Are those the only two choices? Why not buy organic, whole wheat pasta. Then you get the fiber without the pesticides and chemicals.

Myth #3: Cage-free eggs do not mean the hens are treated any better than the caged ones.

While I agree that cage-free is only slightly better for the hens than non-cage-free . .. what does that have to do with organic? She doesn't even mention anything about organic eggs.

What a terrible, misleading video. The only thing I thought was good was the little add-in at the end that with lettuce, you don't need to buy the packaged lettuce to get organic. Of course, that's only if your supermarket carries it as I found out a few weeks ago.

So what'd you think?


iva said...

Dont get me started!!!! I agree with you!!!

iva said...

Dont get me started!!!! I agree with you!!!