Monday, November 20, 2006

Birth Ecology Project

Here's a cool site if you're pregnant or planning on it:

The Birth Ecology Project promotes healing birth through midwifery, doula care, natural birth, conscious parenting, sustainable living, and tolerance for all kinds of families. Birth Ecology integrates the science of evidence-based maternity care and the traditions of women's wisdom and intuition, emphasizing prevention, education, and nutrition.

Their Journal publishes articles and essays of quality on topics like natural pregnancy, midwifery, doulas, homebirth, waterbirth, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, infant massage, yoga, natural healings, herbal health, nutrition, babywearing, and more!

They also put up a really great review of The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook and Simply Natural Baby Food here:

Check it out.


Valery said...
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Valery said...

Do you know anything about "Simple French Food" cookbook?