Monday, November 13, 2006

Cool lunchbox

This is our first year in public school and after looking at the school meal menu, I knew my girls would be bringing their own lunch. I found a great lunch box at . They are plastic bento-style boxes with four compartments for different foods, a slot for silverware, a little container for dipping sauce. The canvas carrying case fits the box and a water bottle. You can also get stainless steel thermoses separately - and the lunch boxes come with a book of lunch ideas and recipes.

I like this lunch box because I can pack leftovers like stir-fries, pasta, fruit and yogurt, etc - as well as sandwiches. When your child opens the box, she can see all the different foods right there rather than having to open a bunch of seperate food containers or plastic bags. It's also nice because it's reusuable and easy to clean (and dishwasher safe) which makes it really convenient.

This has been a real hit in my second grader's class. I asked my daughter if any of the other kids made comments about her lunch since I pack whole foods, vegetarian lunches, which I know isn't the norm. She said nobody says anything about her lunch but everybody wants to know where she got her lunchbox. When I helped out in class, several kids told me that they wish they had a lunchbox like my daugher's.

Check out the web site to see pictures of the lunch box - I highly recommend it. The only thing I wish is that they had a non-plastic water bottle that fit in the carrying case. I bought the stainless steel water bottle but, first of all, it does not fit in the case - and worse, it leaks really bad so I can't even send it in my daughters' backpacks. It even leaks when you drink from it. I was disappointed - I just have not been able to find a non-plastic water bottle that doesn't leak.

But the lunch box is great. For more lunch ideas - check out She has great ideas and pictures.

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