Saturday, December 01, 2007

More on GE sugar

A new article in the New York Times ( ) calls attention to the pending controversy of unlabeled, under-tested, genetically engineered sugar being laced into breakfast cereals, chocolates, and a wide variety of non-organic processed foods and beverages next year. In September, OCA posted an alert to pressure major buyers of sugar beets to boycott Monsanto's latest herbicide-resistant crop. The American Crystal company, the #1 white sugar provider in the U.S., along with Kellogg, have publicly announced they will welcome the biotech sweetener in early 2008.

American Crystal's CEO responded to the deluge of consumer emails asking him to not to go GE by turning off his email. If American Crystal won't listen, perhaps some of its major customers will. Send a letter to Hershey's, Mars, and Kellogg demanding they keep their sugar additives GE-free. Here's a link with more info and email address for those companies:

And of course keep in mind that your only real protection against GE sugar or any Genetically Modified Organism is to buy organic.

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