Friday, October 03, 2008

Eco Lunch Boxes!

As much as I love my kids laptop lunch boxes, I hate that they're plastic--even though they are not the kind of plastic with lead or phylatales . . . . Anyway, here is a new lunchbox on the scene. Stainless steel lunch box with stainless steel water bottle. It doesn't have those nice compartments like the laptops, but it does come with a nontoxic reusuable plastic sandwish wrapper.

Check it out at:

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Girasol said...

I have felt the same way you do about the overabundance of plastic when it comes to lunch packing. I loved the bento box concept, but wasn't comfortable with emerging news about the various leaching problems, BPA, etc... My feeling was... what news is around the corner with plastics as science continues to develop in this area? You might want to check out the new ECOlunchbox Kit I've developed that avoids plastic entirely.... and skips the necessity for plastic baggies, tupperware, etc.... For more, go to: