Saturday, June 12, 2010

Need new lunchboxes

School is over for the year . . . YAY! Maybe I'm slightly anal but I'm already thinking about next year. We went through two lunch boxes this year for each of my daughters . . . and I really want to find something good for next year. One that is not too big, not too small and that will last.

A few that I've tried are:

- Laptop lunchboxes: We used these for a couple of years and they were great quality but as the kids got older, the little compartments became too small. Also, my kids most days eat a hot lunch out of a thermos. So, we need something that will hold a thermos, a kleen kanteen water bottle, plus a couple of small containers for side dishes.

- Pottery Barn: We got nice looking lunch boxes from Pottery Barn. They actually looked similar to the case for the laptop lunch (but bigger) and fit everything fine, but they fell apart after a few months.

- Small cooler style lunch boxes: We had trouble our fitting water bottles in these.

Please comment if you have a lunch box you really like.


Karen said...

Well, those hard-backed Igloo type things -- the smaller version of what you'd use for a tailgating party -- are pretty roomy and absolutely indestructible. Not the most attractive things, but you can do amazing things with paint, markers, stickers, glitter, etc.

Amy Hemmert and Tammy Pelstring said...

Hey Cathe, If you liked your Laptop Lunches, you should check out our Bento Buddies. You can stack them in your lunch carrier with a thermos and drink bottle. We're planning to come out with some new bento bags in late July, and those might work as well. Just a thought...

GreenStyleMom said...

We love our Mimi the Sardine lunch bags. Ours are over 3 years old and going strong. I can fit a small sized Kleen Kanteen, thermos and a bit more without problems.

Cathe Olson said...

Thanks for the suggestions . . . I'll let you know what we get.