Monday, February 07, 2011

Samosas and Pinto Bean Cakes

Another fun day of recipe creation . . .

I'd been wanting to try making samosas for a while and finally had the time. I boiled potatoes and carrots and then mashed them with curry and added green peas. Then made a batch of pastry to make the turnovers. They came out good, but were quite a bit of work. I had some leftover filling and since I was frying up some pinto bean cakes, I figured I'd shape the leftover filling into patties and fry them up to an--WOW! So good! I think that might become my chosen recipe . . . I can totally see them with some homemade chutney and some nondairy plain yogurt. I guess chutney experiments will be next. I've never made one.

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Cathe Olson said...

Since I had made a double batch of samosas, my daughters and I were able to take leftovers for lunch today and they were great. Crisp on the outside, moist on the inside. We have a few more that we'll have with crockpot lentil soup tonight.