Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mojo Mom

I LOVE this book: Mojo Mom by Amy Tiemann. I heard Amy speak in San Luis Obispo, CA last week and she was great - she really understands what it's like to be a mom (because of course she is one) but she has great ideas for getting your mojo back after kids.

I bought her book and literally could not put it down. Even before I finished, I started putting her suggestions into practice. And the small changes I've made have already made a difference. I am examining all the things I do and determining which activities are really necessary and bringing me (or my kids) enjoyment. Reading her book also helped me to realize why writing has become so important since having kids - because it is something I'm doing just for me and has nothing to do with being a wife or mother. And how important it is to have an identity other than mom - not that being a mom isn't a great or important thing but just that we are still our own person too.

I so recommend this book for all moms. It would make a great shower gift too. There are tons of books about taking care of your children, your body, etc. This one tells you how to nurture your spirit and gives practical ways that you can do it no matter what the age of your children are or what your situation is.

Oh - and it would be an excellent Mothers' Day gift!

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