Saturday, November 29, 2008

Book Review: GO DAIRY FREE by Alisa Fleming

Whether you're avoiding dairy for health or ethical reasons, you will love this comprehensive book that is both a guide to dairy free living and a cookbook. 

GO DAIRY FREE begins with an explanation of what dairy is, including information about pasteurization, homogenization, lactose-free milk, kefir and milk from other mammals besides cows. She goes on to explain why some people avoid dairy--because of allergies, lactose intolerance, a vegan diet, autism, general health and more. She even addresses infant allergies--how to prevent and recognize them. 

Another section is devoted to the question that many people wonder about--how can you get enough calcium with drinking milk. Fleming dispels the myth that you need dairy in your diet, tells you how much calcium you really do need, and lists many calcium rich (nondairy) foods. Before heading on to recipes, the book addresses eating out, traveling, and shopping--giving the reader insight into avoiding dairy when not at home. 

Then, my favorite part: the recipes! And what great recipes they are. Perfectly Pear Muffins, Grilled Vegetable Strudel, Better Than Ice Cream, Vanilla Pudding, Lemon Struesel Squares and lots, lots more. My kids love the 5-Star Ranch Dressing more than the stuff I buy! A really nice feature is the chart that lists all of the recipes and notes which common allergens they do or do not contain, as well as whether the recipes are vegan. 

I highly recommend this cookbook--it would make a wonderful gift as well.


Misty said...

Do you think the book would be good for a gluten-free family? It sounds like a good read.

Cathe Olson said...

Hi Misty,

There are some gluten free recipes but that's definitely not the focus. You might want to check out Food Allergy Survival Guide or a specifically gluten free cookbook.

Misty said...

Thanks. I have looked through gf books, but they tend to not be very veg friendly. I usually have better luck with veg books!

Cathe Olson said...

Food Allergy Survival Guide is vegetarian (even vegan I think). Actually, Go Dairy Free is not vegetarian but there are a lot of veg recipes.

That's a good point though -- hm, maybe an idea for a future cookbook for me . . .

Misty said...

Cool. I'll definitely check it out then. Thanks for the recommendation. And yes - an idea for a future book for sure!