Thursday, July 09, 2009

Chocolate Raspberry . . . Chocolate Blackberry . . . Chocolate Strawberry . .. Oh My!

I'm still churning out ice cream for tomorrow's tasting at Rutiz Farms. I wanted to make my favorite flavor Chocolate Raspberry but . . . no raspberries yet. There are, however, lots of blackberries and strawberries so I used my Chocolate Raspberry recipe from Lick It! substituting those berries and YUM!!!! The blackberry especially blew us away!  Come on over to the farm tomorrow to check them out . . . or try making one yourself! 

And by the way -- you can find my Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Recipes on

1 comment:

JenPB said...

We were camping so we missed it! Where's your next tasting? :)

BTW - Sister in Law is in love with the copy of Lick It! that I sent to her. :)