Thursday, July 02, 2009

Horizon going "natural"

Seems that Horizon is following a similar pattern to Silk soy milks who recently began dropping its organic soy milks and began calling them "natural" which means they use conventional soybeans grown with pesticides, herbicides and possibly genetically engineered soy beans--how natural is that? 

Now Horizon--whose organic line is already very controversial because they were not using cows that have access to pasture which is in violation of the organic standards--is introducing "natural" (meaning conventional) dairy products.

The deception is that people are used to buying these products thinking they are organic. The labels on Silk products are so similar you wouldn't notice the word organic missing. Also, many people think natural means organic.

The worst part is for the organic dairy farmers who are in a financial crisis right now because there is a glut of milk.

See the OCA site for more info.


CrazyCarellis said...

Thanks for the info. This is stuff that is too easy to miss on the hectic grocery shopping trip.

BTW, I love your blog! I really appreciate your approach to vegetarianism and healthy eating.

Cathe Olson said...

Thanks . . . glad this helps. It is so easy to miss those subtle changes. I meant to buy silk creamer (which is still organic) a few weeks ago and picked up the soymilk by mistake. I would have used it but when I saw it wasn't organic, I brought it back to the store. I wonder if there's another brand of soy creamer so I could be done with Silk altogether.

Kelly:) said...

really all soy organic or not is Genetically modified that is why our family steers clear of it completly!! we follow Nourshing traditons diet.

Cathe Olson said...

Organic products are not genetically modified. I know NT is really down on soy. I don't think it is the evil food they portray but I think it's definitely possible to overdue soy. We use soy occasionally in the form of naturally fermented soy sauce, organic tofu, tempeh, and occasional soy milk. We avoid anything with soy protein isolates like fake meat or protein powder products.

As for creamer, I'm happy to have discovered a coconut milk creamer that tastes great.