Thursday, August 27, 2009

Take action to improve school meals

Here's a letter I just sent out to a list of people involved in revising the Child Nutrition Act:

When revising the Child Nutrition Act this year, I ask you to please consider that good nutrition will actually help our children succeed in school. The food that kids eat affects their mental as well as physical well-being.  

Schools need increased funding so they can get away from cheap processed food and start serving whole foods that are free of pesticides, genetically-engineered ingredients, chemicals, dyes, factory farmed meats, and foods that are not loaded with sugar and sodium. Optimally, the Act would provide incentives that will encourage school food service departments to meet these higher nutrition standards.  

Lunch should be a learning opportunity for children just like every other class they attend--a time when they learn about real food and good nutrition. As obesity continues to rise and many children are being left behind in academics, it's imperative that children be fed nourishing, wholesome, healthful meals. Thank you for considering my statements.

If you want to let legislators know what you think, go to this link and they'll email your letter to the appropriate people.

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