Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Importance of Libraries

I usually stick to food related topics but libraries are very important to me and, I believe, important to the citizens of the United States.

President Obama’s new budget proposal to congress calls for a freeze to federal library funding. Freezing funding to public libraries that are already suffering from budget cuts will negatively impact so many people who are relying on the library more and more as a source of information, education, job search assistance, and entertainment. This is the place where those of us suffering in this down economy get so many of our needs met for free. It is vital that libraries are able to provide the materials and personnel needed to serve the public.

In addition, funds for school libraries need to be included in his plan. When school budgets are cut, libraries are often one of the first areas affected. This is bad for students, as well as teachers. School librarians are essential for teaching students to become independent library users—able to find and evaluate information. Librarians are also essential for increasing student literacy. Librarians encourage kids to read and help them find books that fit their interests and reading levels. The school library is the place where students can find that one book that turns them into lifelong lovers of reading.

Please write or call the White House, and ask President Obama to amend the budget proposal to support and sustain public and school libraries.


Emily said...

Thank you for raising awareness on this very important subject. I just contacted the White House.

Cathe Olson said...

Thank you so much Emily. Please spread the word.

Kelly said...

Cathe, I didn't realize libraries would be affected by this. Thanks for making me aware of this so I can speak up!

JenPB said...

With a crumbling education system, reduction of educational resources for all, and the recent closure of the last "new" bookstore within 45 miles, it's its more important than EVER that we maintain our library system. Thanks for spreading the word. I wrote my letter. Anyone else?