Tuesday, June 09, 2009

amazon review

Now I don't mind an honest review of my book -- even if it's negative. I don't expect that my books will be for everyone and that's okay. But I do mind when someone posts a scathing review based on a couple of random pages they saw thru the 'search this book' feature on amazon.com.  Someone posted that my book is full of unhealthy coconut milk recipe and that how could she eat ice cream every day if it had so much fat in it . . . . well -- first of all, I never expected that someone would eat ice cream every day. Full fat, low fat or no fat, that's a lot of sweets to be eating. Second, though the book does have a lot of recipes that use coconut milk in them -- that's what makes them so rich and creamy -- it also has lots of recipe for low fat ice creams, frozen yogurts, and sorbets as well as healthy fruit sauces and toppings. In addition, coconut milk is a healthy plant-based fat (we do need good fats in our diet), and even so my recipes are lower in fat than most dairy ice creams.

So  . . . if you have a copy of Lick It!, please post an honest review based on having actually seen the book.

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